Just the News: Article III Project founder Mike Davis says Hunter Biden indictment is a coverup: ‘don’t be fooled’

Just the News

Article III Project founder Mike Davis says that the latest indictment of the first son Hunter Biden is a cover-up for bigger crimes.

“I would say don’t be fooled by this indictment by David Weiss – this Delaware U.S. attorney who was picked by both Democrat home state senators,” Davis said on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “This is just more cover-up by David Weiss and Merrick Garland and the Biden Justice Department.”

“Notice how they’re not charging for being an unregistered foreign agent or tax evasion, or foreign corruption or anything that could tie to President Biden,” Davis said. “They’re pursuing this path to make it look like they’re being tough on Hunter.”

“President Biden will pardon Hunter right before he leaves office or David Weiss will cut a sweetheart deal with Hunter again like he did the last time,” Davis predicted. “In the meantime, they’re going to be able to rebuff questions and subpoenas from Congress.”

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