Business Insider: How Biden outdid Trump, Obama and George W. Bush in confirming federal judges by this point in office, a feat overshadowed by war and inflation

Business Insider

In his whirlwind summer of accomplishments, one of President Joe Biden’s most important may have been overshadowed by news of war, inflation, fights over abortion rights, and the FBI search of Mar-A-Lago. Biden has appointed more judges to federal courts at this point in his tenure than any other president since John F. Kennedy.

As of August 8, 2022, exactly 566 days into Biden’s tenure, the Senate had confirmed a record-setting 75 judges nominated by Biden to federal courts, according to a tally from the Pew Research Center.

Trump finished his 4-year term in January 2021 with the overall second fastest confirmation pace of any US president with 234 Article III judges and 54 Court of Appeals judges. Jimmy Carter holds the overall record for the most federal court confirmations during a presidency. Carter’s 266 appointments surpass George W. Bush’s 204 and Bill Clinton’s 203, according to the Article 3 Project’s judiciary tracker.

Trump also managed to send three justices to the Supreme Court during his presidency — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett — solidifying the court’s conservative bent. With no term limits for federal judges or justices, carrying out the legacy of the whoever nominated them typically outlasts any president no matter how many terms they sit in the Oval Office.

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