Fox News: Trump’s new lawyer a ‘great pick’ for former president’s defense team, legal experts say: ‘Smart’ move

Fox News

Former President Donald Trump has tapped a prominent white-collar criminal defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor as his lead counsel one day before his expected arraignment, raising questions about the timing of move and his legal strategy overseeing the former president’s criminal indictment.

Legal expert Mike Davis hailed the hiring of Blanche as “a great pick for President Trump,” in an interview on Fox News later Monday, noting his previous representation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

“He represented Paul Manafort and did an excellent job there, so he is a great pick by President Trump,” Davis, who previously served as Chief Nominations Counsel to former Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, said on “America Reports.”

While the timing of Blanche’s hiring seems peculiar with just hours until Trump’s arraignment, Davis said it doesn’t necessarily indicate a strategy shift by the former president’s legal team and is considered “routine.”

“I think it’s routine. It’s because Alvin Bragg has politicized this prosecution against President Trump based upon bogus-trumped-up charges that have been previously declined,” he said. “Bragg is bringing in political appointees from the Biden Justice Department at the most senior level…. Everyone thought it was dead, and they revived this zombie case, so it’s smart for President Trump to gear up for the indictment and the trial.”

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