Fox News: Slanted abortion media coverage through the years has sown distrust on the right

Fox News

Many conservatives don’t believe mainstream media outlets treat the polarizing issue of abortion with the nuance required to give the pro-life argument a fair shake as the left puts a spotlight on Roe v. Wade ahead of the looming midterms elections.

“Everyone knows that the so-called mainstream media is dominated by Democrat reporters, so it should come as no surprise that when these Democrat reporters cover controversial issues like abortion, they’re going to frame it in a way that fits their viewpoint,” Article III Project founder Mike Davis told Fox News Digital.

Davis, who has worked for all three branches of the federal government including for President George W. Bush, led the outside support team for Justice Neil Gorsuch’s successful confirmation to the Supreme Court. He believes the media makes “pro-abortion activists” look like they’re the mainstream while dismissing the views of pro-life conservatives, a practice that has been amplified since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this year.

“The pro-life people, the Catholic people who oppose abortion, these reporters make them look like they’re extreme and outside the mainstream. These reporters pretend like abortion up until the moment of birth is within the mainstream when it’s absolutely not,” Davis continued. “But any reasonable restriction on abortion, including parental consent for minors, or limiting abortion in the second and third trimester, the media pretends like these are the most extremist measures.” 

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck feels the media coverage and tone towards abortion is one that refuses to understand or even see the pro-life argument. While Davis senses many reporters and pundits dismiss pro-life conservatives, Houck isn’t sure coastal elites have even interacted in a meaningful way with Americans from outside their liberal bubbles. 

Davis feels that Democrats “raise a significant amount of money for their candidates and causes from the abortion industry,” so their allies in the mainstream media have a clear incentive to protect the source of cash. As a result, unpopular third trimester abortions are sometimes grouped with early-term abortions. 

“There is overwhelming support to severely limit abortions in the third trimester, but the media tries to lump the first, second and third trimesters together to make any restrictions on abortions up until the moment of birth look like it’s extreme and outside the mainstream,” Davis said. 

Davis noted that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade more than two months ago, but Americans aren’t exactly seeing “women dying in back alley abortions like the Democrats proclaimed would happen,” which would surely command wall-to-wall coverage by the mainstream media if the tragic scenario predicted by Toobin actually occurred.

“What’s happening is, democracy is working in the 50 states. Kansas just rejected abortion regulations, and so it’s going to be up to the states instead of five unelected, lifetime-appointed justices on the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., who are deciding these issues,” Davis said.

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