Fox News: Mike Davis Slams Democrats’ Touting of “Republicans” Endorsing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Fox News

With hearings set to begin Monday, Democrat supporters of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination are touting what they say an is evenhanded judicial record and bipartisan support for her confirmation.

Conservative activists, meanwhile, decry Democrats’ use of what they say are cherry-picked examples of beltway lawyers who are friendly with Jackson. And they say GOP senators should vote against Jackson based on an allegedly liberal record.

“These are D.C.-based lawyers who were appointed by Bush 41 and Bush 43,” Mike Davis, the founder of the conservative Article III project, told Fox News. Of the FOP and other law enforcement groups, Davis said, “It’s a police union. They’re not known for being movement conservatives.”

Davis criticized Jackson’s rulings, including on work emails a former Clinton aide sent from a private account. He also highlighted her famous ruling requiring former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify against former President Donald Trump to a House committee. The latter ruling was overturned.

“In 2005 during the confirmation process for Chief Justice John Roberts, Sen. Chuck Schumer said that judicial philosophy and ideology are the most crucial qualifications for the Supreme Court,” Davis added. “So under the Schumer standard… no Republican senator should vote to confirm Judge Jackson.”

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