Fox News: Meet Maricopa County’s new top prosecutor, the ‘rock of stability’ in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings

Fox News

Maricopa County, Arizona, last week elected a new county attorney, Republican Rachel Mitchell, a veteran prosecutor and Arizona native who was also picked by Republicans to be the investigative counsel in confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“She was a stabilizing force for senators during the tumultuous proceedings to confirm Justice Kavanaugh,” Mike Davis, who served as chief counsel for nominations for the committee during the Kavanaugh hearings, told Fox News Digital.

“She calmly and meticulously investigated the allegations and greatly assisted senators in fulfilling one of their most critical constitutional duties,” he said, adding that she “wasn’t concerned about the politics and laughed at the personal attacks against her.”

“Rachel is unflinching, smart, and fair,” said Davis, adding she is a “rock of stability.”

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