Davis quoted in National Review on Biden SCOTUS short list

Biden will not name the figures he is likely to nominate, but the Article III Project, an activist group that “promotes and defends President Trump’s judicial nominees and appointed judges,” has assembled a list of twelve figures likely to get strong consideration during a Biden presidency. The Article III Project was founded in 2019 by Mike Davis, who previously served as chief counsel for nominations for Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley from 2017 to 2019.

“Unlike President Trump who has brought refreshing transparency to Supreme Court nominations by publicly releasing his list of candidates for consideration, former Vice President has refused to honor his pledge to release his own list,” said Davis. “The American public has a right to know what kinds of individuals former Vice President Biden would consider, especially now as another vacancy has opened up. If Vice President Biden will not release his list, then we will do it for him.”

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