Davis quoted in Law360 on nominations

“Like it has done since our founding, the Senate can walk and chew gum at the same time,” Mike Davis, who until last year was the GOP’s top nominations counsel, said in a Monday email to Law360. He added that the process relies on Judiciary Committee staff attorneys of both parties who are dedicated to nominations, so the work doesn’t compete with pandemic relief.

“Confirming federal judges who understand their critical role of protecting the rights of Americans from government overreach is essential business during this crisis — especially with many politicians around the country more interested in power grabs than public safety,” said Davis, who founded the Article III Project to advocate for Trump’s picks. “The same Democrat senators and their left-wing allies who have mindlessly opposed many of the president’s judicial nominees — even the non-controversial ones — are now attempting to use the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to indefinitely halt all judicial nominations. You can read more here.