Davis: Leftists Cry About Trump’s ‘Fascism’ While Clinging To Their Own Totalitarian Leaders

The Federalist

This Christmas season, we owe a debt of gratitude to MSNBC for drawing attention to the serious issue of spreading fascism in America.

MSNBC hosts Mehdi Hasan, whose show has since been canceled, and Joy Reid gave the Article III Project, the conservative legal group I lead, a platform the likes of which we could only dream of two weeks ago. Hasan targeted me, along with the Article III Project, for demanding we follow laws and protect our homeland from both foreign and domestic threats through means such as deporting terrorist-supporting visa holders and denaturalizing terrorist-supporting naturalized citizens. Reid, who’s long been a fan of weaponizing the federal government to target conservatives, believes it’s fascist to enforce the rules on our books for policing immigration, securing our borders, and preventing another 9/11 or 10/7 terrorist attack.

By casually smearing us alongside others in the MAGA movement with the “fascist” label in such a lazy fashion, Hasan and Reid have unwittingly opened up themselves and the Biden regime they submissively defend to an honest debate, for which we are grateful. In so doing, they created a teachable moment to explain what fascism actually means and who are truly the real American fascists. When we examine our current culture and politics, it will become clear to fair-minded Americans that the real American fascists are, in fact, the Biden Democrats.  

Core Tenets of Fascism

According to MSNBC, Article III Project stands for and believes in fascism and its principles, along with countless other MAGA Republicans. In reality, their assertion fails to pass a series of simple reality checks.

First, where do we stand on promoting nation and race above the individual, one of the core tenets of fascism? Think about it. On one side, we have MAGA Republicans who reject racial identity politics in favor of the individual. For many of us, a belief in the primacy of individuals stems from a belief in God. This is why we oppose American children being taught critical race theory and other dangerous Marxist ideologies in school. If we are all born with equal dignity, then race does not and cannot control us. But you don’t have to be religious to reach this conclusion; you just need to be American.

Contrast this human-centered belief with the dangerous Democrat alphabet soup of race-based intersectionality that fosters racial hatred and division between children and adults alike. This is the belief — what we call “critical race theory” — that teaches our children to love or hate one another based on their skin color.

Who are the real fascists in America? MAGA Republicans who place individual liberty, dignity, and freedom above all else, or Marxist Democrats who want to see a fearful America that exalts “race above the individual”?

Fascistic Covid Mandates

In every instance, fascists believe in autocratic governments spearheaded by a dictator. The MSNBC fever dream wants Americans to believe that this accurately describes President Trump. But upon any rational review, the definition obviously points away from Trump and toward Biden. It is the Biden administration that is, in fact, the “dictatorial” regime.

During his four years in office, Trump engaged in an unprecedented program of economic deregulation, the aim of which was to decentralize government away from the swamp and dilute the control federal agencies exert over businesses and citizens alike. These are hardly the actions of a figurehead seeking to create an all-powerful centralized government.

Similarly, when Covid reached our shores, Trump was quick to recognize the role that federalism — powers and duties shared among federal, state, tribal, and local governments — should play in our nation’s response to the pandemic. True, he did step in at the federal level where appropriate: He authorized Operation Warp Speed, which delivered the experimental vaccine in record time. But he didn’t force it on others.

Contrast this with Biden, who used the presidential bully pulpit to mandate Covid shots for all federal workers and even private companies. This resulted in an unprecedented morale collapse in the military, something we are just starting to understand the disastrous consequences of. If these draconian acts don’t check the box on the “centralized” and “autocratic” prongs in the dictionary definition of fascism, then we’re at a loss for words.

Fusion of Public and Private Power

Of course, the Biden Covid mandates were but one highly visible example of his administration’s undemocratic approach to governance. The Biden campaign and, later on, the Biden White House, colluded with Big Tech platforms to suppress what should have been First Amendment-protected speech about Covid and the 2020 election. The most notorious suppression occurred when Facebook and Twitter colluded with the FBI and the Biden campaign to cover up Biden family corruption evidence by the Hunter Biden laptop. 

The fusion between private and public power is a commonly recognized trait of fascism. One needs only to think of the active collusion between IBM and the Nazis in Germany to see the parallels to today. Once again, this raises the question: Who are the real American fascists? MAGA Republicans, who if they speak about their beliefs can be fired in corporate America, or the Democrats under Biden, who brazenly collude with woke corporations to implement their shared political ideology? 

The same tilt toward fascism can be seen when it comes to the Democrats’ “social regimentation” under Biden. To skim the surface, we need only look as far as the Biden Justice Department’s efforts to unleash his FBI on traditional Catholics. The Biden FBI, whose mission is to “protect the people of the United States and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” was, until earlier this year, actively preparing to infiltrate the Catholic Church based on faulty assumptions and unsubstantiated evidence that Catholics might include in their ranks “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.”

Of course, this is the same Biden FBI that turned a blind eye to actual “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists” for years, many of whom came to prominence in the weeks since Oct. 7 advocating genocide in Israel.  

Fascists Use Judicial Activists to Push Their Agenda

Judge Beryl Howell, a highly partisan D.C. judge appointed by President Obama who supervised the bogus Mueller probe of President Trump, recently gave a highly inappropriate political speech insinuating Trump’s return to the White House will usher in fascism. Howell doesn’t just talk the talk about fascism; she walks the walk.

She approved the unconstitutional warrant from Biden’s henchman Jack Smith, whom Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland brought back from being banished to The Hague after the Supreme Court unanimously reversed Smith’s criminal prosecution of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a likely 2016 presidential or vice presidential contender, that collected data on millions of Twitter accounts that retweeted or liked posts from Trump. She ordered Twitter not to follow the law and notify Trump about the warrant, claiming Trump was (somehow) a “flight risk” (despite his 24/7 Secret Service detail).

After Twitter couldn’t respond quickly enough to Howell and Smith’s unreasonable demands, Howell fined Twitter $350,000 — $7,000 each hour for 51 hours past their arbitrary deadline. She claimed Twitter was trying to “cozy up” to Trump. And three partisan Democrat appellate judges rubber-stamped Howell’s lawlessness.

Howell previously served as a top aide to then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn with future Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and disgraced lead Mueller probe prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, and a co-author with Weissmann. Howell is one of the harshest sentencers of Jan. 6 protesters, even inappropriately pressuring the Justice Department to charge more harshly. A federal appellate court legally smacked down Howell for authorizing an illegal search of a congressman’s phone, but the same court let her get away with authorizing an illegal seizure of Trump’s attorney’s records (and the illegal Twitter search). These are the types of left-wing judicial activists the Democrats use to enact their fascistic agenda against conservatives.

These events show that the Biden FBI’s fascistic “social regimentation” is not only a waste of resources and most likely unconstitutional, but it is also threatening to the physical and mental security of law-abiding American Jews and Catholics alike.

The forcible suppression of opposition, a common theme within fascism, became my most pressing work in recent years. Through my work leading the Article III Project, I defended Biden’s principal political opponent. The Biden administration, working directly through its Justice Department and indirectly through state and local prosecutors, engaged in breathtaking and unprecedented suppression of the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.  

The numbers speak for themselves: Trump faces 641 years in prison; he faces 91 (bogus) criminal charges (for noncrimes); and he’s spending millions of dollars defending himself — money that should be going to provide much-needed political opposition to Biden. Rather than face Trump at the ballot box next November, Biden resorted to the aforementioned “forcible suppression of opposition.”

We reiterate our thanks to MSNBC, but our call to action is not directed toward Mehdi Hasan or Joy Reid. Our call to action is this: Honest Republicans and fair-minded independents (and even Democrats) need to wake up and see the emerging threat of fascism in America when they vote next November. To do otherwise will be to live in a web of lies and oppression, the likes of which Americans have yet to experience. It will mean that we came to live under American fascism under the Biden Democrats.

Mike Davis is the founder and president of both the Article III Project (A3P), which defends constitutionalist judges, and Unsilenced Majority, an organization dedicated to opposing cancel culture and fighting back against the woke mob and their enablers. As the former chief counsel for nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, he served as the staff leader for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation.