DAVIS: January 6th Defendants Get Their Day Before The Supreme Court


On April 16th, the Supreme Court will hear a case to determine whether the Biden Justice Department misused a federal criminal obstruction-of-justice statute to arrest and imprison Trump supporters on January 6th.

The Supreme Court will almost certainly reverse over 300 January 6th criminal charges or convictions before the end of June.

But the damage is done:

The Biden Justice Department has already wrongfully charged or imprisoned these January 6th protesters under its bogus, politicized, and malicious application of this post-Enron criminal statute. They’ve lost their reputations, jobs, livelihoods, fortune, liberty, friends. families, and even lives.

Jack Smith also misused this post-Enron statute for half of his bogus and political January 6th case to arrest and charge Trump for objecting to the 2020 presidential election, an objection which is allowed by the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and the First Amendment.

(Why didn’t Democrats—including Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton—go to prison for objecting to Republican wins in 1968, 2000, 2004, and 2016?)

So half of Jack Smith’s January 6th case against Trump will almost certainly disappear before the end of June.

And the week April 22nd, the Supreme Court will decide whether the President of the United States—like federal judges and Members of Congress—are immune from criminal prosecution for their official acts.

This is a very easy answer: Yes.

Otherwise, the Court will allow the destruction of the presidency—and the country.

Should Obama face execution for capital murder for ordering the drone strike on 2 Americans—including a minor?

Should David Barron, Obama’s legal advisor and now a federal appellate judge, join Obama’s fate?

Should Biden face criminal charges for his illegal release of violent criminal migrants into America—and their natural and probable rapes, murders, and other violent crimes?

Should the Biden Justice Department prosecutors, along with partisan Democrat and cowardly Republican judges, go to prison for falsely charging and imprisoning January 6th protesters under a malicious reading of the post-Enron obstruction-of-justice criminal statute?

Bottom Line:

This is republic-ending lawfare.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court has the wisdom and courage to stop it.

Before it’s too late.