DAVIS: Here’s What The House GOP Should Do Right Now To Fight Democrats’ Republic-Crushing Lawfare

The Federalist

House Republicans are bringing a butter knife to a gunfight as Democrats, including their media and government lapdogs, conduct an unprecedented lawfare campaign to destroy President Trump.

Through a series of lawless indictments and bogus civil lawsuits, Democrat prosecutors are waging an all-out political war on Donald Trump. Their goal is to weaken Trump or outright eliminate him from the 2024 presidential race. At a minimum, they want Trump on the defensive, distracted by legal issues, instead of focusing on the American people during his campaign. They know they can’t beat him on Nov. 5, 2024, so their ultimate goal is to imprison him. It’s a playbook straight out of any third-world Marxist hellhole.

House Republicans must step up and go on offense. Democrats only respect power. So using power is the only way to hold Democrats accountable and stop this corrupt and un-American lawfare campaign that is singularly focused on keeping the Republican front-runner out of the White House. Speeches, television appearances, and strongly worded letters are not enough. Republicans must fully wield the power the American people gave them to protect and defend the Constitution. Through the oversight and appropriations processes, House Republicans can put an end to the weaponization of our law enforcement. They have the constitutional power — they simply must choose to exercise courage and use it.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy can set the tone for the rest of the Republican Party by launching impeachment inquiries into both Joe Biden for his corruption and Merrick Garland for his weaponization of justice. Biden has compromised himself by becoming involved with his corrupt son’s selling of the family name and White House access to make millions from foreign despots. He’s shown a willingness to sell out his country to enrich his family. Every day that Congress sits idly by and does nothing about it is a disgrace.

Likewise, Garland has weaponized the Justice Department to protect Biden and his corrupt son. He is abusing federal law enforcement resources to go after his boss’s chief political opponent while ignoring rampant crime in our cities and at our border. This is a dereliction of duty and an abuse of power, and he should be removed from office.

The House Judiciary Committee should serve as the tip of the spear. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, his fellow committee members, and the staff have the best ability and largest responsibility to end this charade and impose accountability on Washington. I commend Jordan for his initial reaction to these indictments, including demand letters to Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Democrat Fulton County DA Fani Willis. But a lot more should be done.

Now is the time to be worried about underreacting, not overreacting. Democrats are using every lever of power they have. Republicans should do the same. The House Judiciary Committee should subpoena documents and communications from the Biden White House, Biden Justice Department, and each of these Democrat prosecutors’ offices immediately. Every day the GOP waits, it loses ground.

House Judiciary Republicans should start their investigations with officials at Biden’s DOJ — namely Garland, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and Smith’s counselor Jay Bratt. The timing of these indictments — after waiting 30 months after Trump left office — is not random. They are choreographed.

The subpoenas can’t be isolated to just the Biden Justice Department. House Judiciary Republicans should obtain each and every piece of correspondence related to Trump from New York Attorney General Letitia James, Bragg, his lead prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, and Willis. This lawfare campaign is so extensive that those names should only be the start — there will surely be more to uncover. 

Once each document is with the House Judiciary Committee, it’ll be time to ramp up the oversight. Jordan should put Biden White House and Justice Department officials under oath. Constant staff depositions. Regular public hearings. The entire country should have the opportunity to put on the news and see House Republicans expose Democrats’ corrupt lawfare campaign for what it really is: an anti-democratic and republic-ending electoral assault on Trump.

Democrats aren’t just conducting this lawfare campaign because they hate Trump and will do anything to ensure he won’t win in 2024. They’re doing this because Biden is weak, dementia-ridden, and corrupt. Democrats won’t let Trump wipe the floor with him. It’ll be Democrats in the justice system joining up with Biden to take out Trump in 2024.  

Where else is there an opportunity for House Republicans to aggressively attack the Democrats’ lawfare campaign? The appropriations process. The House Appropriations Committee should include two specific appropriations riders.

First, it should cut off the spigot of money used to interfere in the presidential election: “No federal funds may be used to prosecute any major presidential candidate on or before Nov. 5, 2024.”

Second, it should ensure that any state or local government that chooses to use its office as a political weapon is punished: “Any state or local jurisdiction that prosecutes any major presidential candidate on or before Nov. 5, 2024, loses all federal funding.”

These basic steps will help ensure this election is free from the type of government interference and manipulation that are the hallmarks of third-world banana republics. House Republicans should act — and act now. The D.C. swamp is the only place on the planet where the reptiles lack backbones. Let’s see if House Republicans can find theirs.

If GOP lawmakers don’t jump into the deep end, the Democrat lawfare campaign may succeed in taking out Trump. That will be the beginning of the end of our republic.

Mike Davis is the founder and president of the Article III Project (A3P), which defends constitutionalist judges. As the former chief counsel for nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, he served as the staff leader for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation.