Daily Wire: NPR Report About Justice Gorsuch Not Accurate

Daily Wire

NPR reported Tuesday that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was refusing to do her job in-person because fellow Justice Neil Gorsuch, who is vaccinated and boosted like Sotomayor, is refusing to wear a mask after being asked.

The report, however, was quickly contradicted by reporting from Fox News’ Shannon Bream Tuesday evening.

Speaking to Fox News’ Bret Baier, Bream noted that the NPR report said Sotomayor “did not feel safe in close proximity to people who were unmasked.”

“Chief Justice John Roberts, understanding that, in some form asked the other Justices to mask up,” the NPR report claimed.

“It then says that Justice Gorsuch who normally sits right next to Sotomayor on the bench has repeatedly refused to do so and that’s forced Justice Sotomayor to operate remotely from her office for arguments and conferences,” Bream outlined.

“I am told that is not accurate,” the Fox News host asserted.

“A source at the Supreme Court says there has been no blanket admonition or request from Chief Justice Roberts that the other Justices begin wearing masks to arguments,” she explained. “The source further stated Justice Sotomayor did not make any such request to Justice Gorsuch. I’m told, given that fact, there was also no refusal by Justice Gorsuch.”

“The Justices are all vaccinated and boosted and they do test before taking the bench for arguments,” Bream noted.