Daily Caller: ‘Political Witch Hunt’: Mike Davis Alleges Biden Knew About The Mar-A-Lago Raid

Daily Caller

Mike Davis, the founder of judicial advocacy group the Article III Project (A3P), alleged Wednesday that President Joe Biden knew about the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Davis insinuated that the Biden administration made false statements about the raid, including reports that former President Donald Trump stored nuclear documents at his residence and that the administration was not given advance notice before the raid.

“We know that that White House Deputy Counsel … Jonathan Su … has been working with the [National] Archives for three months, and that President Biden had to make the determination himself, as the president, whether he was going to waive executive privilege for the former president,” Davis said.

“That is an unprecedented waiver of executive privilege that led to this criminal investigation and this raid, this unprecedented, unnecessary and unlawful raid on Biden’s former political rival and his future political rival,” he continued.

“This is a political witch hunt, a political fishing expedition on President Trump, because the Biden administration knows that President Trump declassified and made personal a copy of the Crossfire Hurricane Records—Russian collusion records—those records are very damaging politically to [former President Barack] Obama, Biden, Hillary [Clinton], the FBI, the intel community, and that’s why they went to this biased judge in Florida and got this unprecedented home raid on a former president to get back these documents.” 

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