Daily Caller: Media’s Spin On Who Leaked SCOTUS Opinion Doesn’t Hold Water, Legal Experts Say

Daily Caller

Efforts in the media to blame a conservative at the Supreme Court for leaking Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion revealing the likely overturning of Roe v. Wade are “misguided,” according to legal experts.

Several media personalities have claimed the leading theory for the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion was that a conservative clerk shared it with the media to cement the non-binding majority vote. Legal experts pointed to ways in which the leak has already benefited Democrats and argued that comments on who may have leaked the draft opinion were purely speculative.

“The most likely leaker was someone on the left—whether a clerk, staffer, or family member of someone at the Court—who wanted to create public protests and otherwise scare Justice Kavanaugh or Barrett away from joining Justice Alito’s majority,” Georgetown Law professor Ilya Shapiro told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“It certainly could be someone on the right, with the intent to steel the spine of any wavering justices, but that’s less likely,” he said. “Regardless, at this point, we have nothing to go on and it’s all speculation.”

Mike Davis, former clerk for Justice Neil Gorsuch and president of the Article III Project, said the media’s portrayal of the leak as the likely work of a conservative was serving the left’s interests.

“We do not know exactly who leaked the Supreme Court draft Dobbs opinion, but the efforts by the media to portray the leaker as a conservative are misguided and only serve the interests of the left,” Davis told the DCNF. “Over the past decade, the far left has been shattering norms within our government and society, so I would not be surprised if the leaker was an aggrieved staffer who sought to sway a Justice’s opinion to preserve Roe v. Wade’s precedent.”

“This will have the opposite of that intended effect. It is very telling that Democrats are cheering on this leak and the naturally resulting illegal intimidation and obstruction campaign at the homes of Justices,” he said.

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