Daily Caller: Dems Seek To ‘Affect The Outcome’ Of Key 2024 Cases Through Public Pressure On SCOTUS, Legal Experts Say

Daily Caller

The Supreme Court will likely continue to face public pressure from Democrats and left-wing groups seeking to advance their desired electoral outcomes in 2024, legal experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

After special counsel Jack Smith asked the Supreme Court to consider Trump’s request to dismiss his election interference case based on presidential immunity, Democrats began calling for Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the case. Demands like this demonstrate their concern is less about ethics and more about influencing the outcome of critical cases, experts told the DCNF.

Article III Project President Mike Davis told the DCNF that calls for recusals “leads to political gamesmanship to affect the outcome of cases, like we are seeing now with hot-button election-related cases that are oftentimes decided by a closely divided Supreme Court.”

“Unlike with the interchangeable lower federal court judges, there is a strong presumption that the nine Supreme Court justices do not recuse from cases before them,” he explained. “The reason is clear: the Court cannot substitute in other justices if a justice must recuse, like the lower federal courts can easily do.”

“Moreover, it is a frivolous–and sexist–legal argument to call for the recusal of a Supreme Court justice based upon a spouse’s personal political views,” Davis continued. “Justices don’t own their spouses, and their spouses are allowed to think for themselves.”

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