Daily Caller: ‘Damning’ And ‘Political’: Legal Experts Weigh In On Unsealed Trump Indictment

Daily Caller

Legal experts weighed in Friday on the unsealed indictment of former President Donald Trump, some called it “damning,” while others said the indictment was “political.”

Mike Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project, disagrees: he told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the document “confirms Garland’s indictment of Trump is political,” noting that “the Presidential Records Act, not Espionage Act, controls a former president’s handling of his presidential records.”

“Today’s indictment, the day after we learned the FBI covered up evidence since 2017 then-Vice President Biden and his family took at least $10 million in foreign bribes and changed U.S. policy, confirms Garland’s indictment of Trump is political,” he said.

“Generally, per a binding 2019 Justice Department legal opinion, it’s legally impossible to obstruct an investigation into a non-crime,” he continued. “The theory the President of the United States can declassify information and still get charged for espionage–under a ‘national defense information’ theory—will not survive Supreme Court review.”

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