Conservative News Daily: Legal scholar claims Trump cases and trial schedule are examples of “Democrat lawfare.”

Conservative News Daily

Renowned legal scholar Mike Davis is raising concerns about the ‍timing of former‍ President Donald Trump’s criminal‌ trial. U.S. District Judge Tanya ⁢Chutkan has scheduled the trial to begin‍ on March 4, the day before “Super Tuesday,” when Republican voters‌ in ⁣over a dozen states will choose‍ their party’s leader for the ​2024 election.

“We’re looking at Democrat lawfare on⁣ several different fronts,” Mr. Davis expressed​ in an interview with NTD News’‌ ‘Capitol‍ Report’ on ​Tuesday.

Mr. Davis, a former Republican chief counsel on the ⁤Senate Judiciary⁣ Committee and founder of the Article III Project, criticized the unreasonable timeline for President Trump’s team to prepare⁣ for the trial. He also questioned Judge Chutkan’s reasoning‌ behind the‍ March 4 start date.

“She ‍stated during the hearing, setting this absurdly short trial period, that President Trump should have known about his impending indictment for a year,” Mr. Davis revealed. “According to her, he should have been‌ going through his documents for the past year and should ‍simply defer to the Biden Justice Department on what they consider important or ‌not among those⁣ 12 million‍ pages of records. And then we can have this trial the day before Super Tuesday.”

Mr. Davis⁢ further raised concerns about Judge Chutkan’s impartiality, highlighting her‌ appointment by President ‌Barack Obama and her comments about President Trump during criminal ​trials against​ his supporters involved in the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“Trump⁣ is clearly not going to get a fair trial in Washington ​D.C.⁤ with this Obama-appointed judge⁤ who is blatantly partisan and​ biased against him,” he asserted. “She has shown ⁤clear bias ‌against​ the defendants from January 6, while simultaneously defending⁤ the much more destructive Black​ Lives ⁣Matter rioters across America.”

Mr. Davis staunchly defends the former president against all⁣ the civil and criminal allegations. He criticizes Manhattan District Attorney⁣ Alvin Bragg for indicting Trump over a non-crime related to a businessman ⁣settling a nuisance claim. He⁤ also argues that⁢ President Trump’s actions regarding classified documents are protected ⁤by the Presidential ‌Records‍ Act, while the special counsel’s office claims he illegally retained classified documents and deceived federal officials seeking their retrieval. Additionally, Mr. Davis ‍highlights the Democratic-led cases in ‍which Trump is indicted for objecting to a presidential election, which‌ is permitted by the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and protected by the First Amendment.

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