Conservative News Daily: Georgia’s pardon law under scrutiny as Donald Trump faces indictment.

Conservative News Daily

Georgia’s pardon system is making headlines after former President Donald ‍Trump was indicted‌ on racketeering charges by Fulton⁤ County⁤ District Attorney Fani Willis. As the 2024 GOP ⁤front-runner, Trump would not be able to pardon himself of state charges, but‍ Georgia’s process has conditions‍ that make a pre-prison pardon even more difficult to obtain.

Following Trump’s indictment in⁣ Georgia, critics have voiced concerns about the state’s pardon system, suggesting that ‌it may need modification. Mike Davis, president of‌ the legal ⁢nonprofit Article III Project and a staunch Trump supporter, argues that the‍ current setup is a grave⁢ injustice. He questions why individuals must ⁤wait five years in jail before they⁢ can correct‍ any potential injustice.

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