CNN: Republicans weigh approach for Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination fight


Republicans are bracing for the next Supreme Court confirmation battle, signaling that they’re eying a measured but “painstaking” approach to an historic nominee who would not change the lean of the court and who could be confirmed without any GOP support.

For Republicans, the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who currently serves on the prestigious DC US Circuit Court of Appeals, may be inevitable. But the way they handle the confirmation hearing — particularly in the context of her being the first Black woman nominated for the high court — could have far reaching implications in the midterm elections.

“It’s going to be a very good election for Republicans and one of the ways we can screw this up is to go scorched earth on Judge Jackson’s nomination,” said Mike Davis, former chief counsel for nominations at the Senate Judiciary Committee who is now informally advising GOP staff.

While Republicans are still in the early stages of crafting a cohesive strategy, their approach so far has been to carefully balance how to motivate their base on an issue that has proven to be a top priority with the reality that Jackson’s confirmation will not put a dent on the 6-3 hold conservatives have on the court, and giving her a thorough vetting without crossing the line and making it a political vulnerability.

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