Breitbart: Hunter Biden Sends Giuliani, Bobulinski, ‘Laughable’ Letter To Preserve Laptop Records


Hunter Biden and his high-powered and expensive legal team sent Rudy Giuliani, Tony Bobulinski, and 12 others a “litigation hold” letter to preserve “Laptop from Hell” records, a move seen by some critics as a public relations tactic to change the troubling narrative for the Biden family.

The litigation letter asks the individuals to “preserve potential evidence for future lawsuits related to the alleged theft of personal data that may include information from his laptop,” NBC News reported.

Mike Davis, founder and president of the pro-Trump Article III Project, told Breitbart News the letter is a “desperate, frivolous, and laughable” effort that will only hurt the family’s legal position, because the lawsuit will lead to discovery, a legal process by which Hunter would be deposed on camera.

“This is a desperate, frivolous, and laughable attempt to silence political critics of President Biden and his corrupt family,” he said. “It won’t work, and it will backfire—legally and politically—on the Bidens.”

“I hope Hunter Biden is stupid enough to file a lawsuit, because the discovery—including Hunter’s videotaped deposition—will be manna from Heaven,” Davis added.

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