Breitbart: Conservatives Demand Republican AGs Charge Bidens with Corruption: ‘Get Creative’


Conservatives are demanding that Republican prosecutors charge President Joe Biden and his relatives with corruption in the wake of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charging former President Donald Trump.

And unlike the Trump charges, which appear (as of this writing) to be based entirely on the frivolous non-crime in the Stormy Daniels affair, the Biden charges would involve long-simmering charges of foreign corruption.

Now, with Trump facing the first arrest of a former president in U.S. history, over frivolous charges, many conservatives are calling for the Bidens to be charged by Republicans, both in retaliation and as a deterrent.

The New York Post reported:

“Republicans need to learn how to take off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles and break glass jaws — politically and legally, not physically,” Mike Davis, a former chief counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee and president of the Article III Project, told The Post.

“You’re looking at the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, bribery, tax evasion, gun charges, conspiracy, obstruction, espionage with using stolen classified records from the Obama White House for his Ukrainian and Chinese deals,” Davis said of potential charges against Joe Biden.

“Maybe these states have a long-arm statute when you’re dealing with foreign corruption. Who knows? Maybe New York and Florida and places like that can start looking into this,” Davis said before suggesting state tax fraud charges as another possible avenue.

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