Biz Pac Review: Steve Bannon calls for arrest of Trump-targeting DA over ‘love life’

Biz Pac Review

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon believes a full investigation should be launched concerning District Attorney Fani Willis hiring her boyfriend and approving payouts of hundreds of thousands of dollars to him.

He declared on his podcast Tuesday that he thinks the relationship is illegal and should be prosecuted “like yesterday.”

He discussed the allegations against Willis with pro-Trump attorney Mike Davis involving her “romantic relationship” with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Wade purportedly paid for lavish vacations the couple took together with fees allotted to him during the prosecution of Trump. Some experts are calling for a delay in the trial while the allegations are investigated. Others want the case against Trump dismissed entirely.

Davis also brought up that Wade had allegedly engaged in improper discussions with White House counsel concerning the prosecution of Trump in Georgia for his attempts to counter voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“This Nathan Wade, Fani Willis’ alleged boyfriend who had these meetings with the White House, including a meeting with the White House counsel before the indictment of President Trump,” Davis began. “There is clear, obvious coordination between the Biden White House and these prosecutors, these three different prosecutors, on these four different indictments against President Trump.”

“And I would say to Judiciary Committee [Chair] Jim Jordan, it’s time to have hearings immediately,” Davis asserted.

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