Article III Project on 1st Presidential Debate: Supreme Court a ‘Major Issue’ for Voters

WASHINGTON, DC — The Article III Project (A3P) released a statement following tonight’s 1st presidential debate:

“The Supreme Court was the first issue raised in tonight’s presidential debate and rightly so,” said A3P founder and president Mike Davis.  “President Trump correctly pointed out that voters elected a Republican president and a Republican Senate Majority, and that he will fulfill his duty as provided by the Constitution. President Trump also highlighted Judge Barrett’s outstanding qualifications and her sterling record, and even former Vice President Biden agreed, saying about Judge Barrett, ‘I’m not opposing the Justice.’ Asked if he would rule out packing the Supreme Court, Biden refused to do so and refused to provide a list of his potential nominees. He should not be able to continue to avoid answering these questions. The Supreme Court is now a critical issue for voters and the contrast between President Trump and Joe Biden could not be more clear.”

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