American Family News: ‘Political warfare’ on Trump – destructive … or constructive?

American Family News

Critics says Special Counsel Jack Smith, a Department of Justice prosecutor in the Barack Obama administration, has brought forward questionable cases before. It’s the third indictment brought against Trump with a fourth likely coming from Georgia. Left-leaning news outlet The Daily Beast says many Democrats have refrained from commenting on the most recent indictment perhaps because they believe it’s the most serious one yet.

“Jack Smith is the political hit man the Democrats sent in to take out Bob McDonnell,” Mike Davis, a former civil litigator and the founder of the Article III Project, told Hice. “He brought out these bogus corruption charges and won a conviction, but that took [McDonnell] out of the presidential and vice-presidential race before 2016. The Democrats – Biden, Garland and Smith – are running the same play against Trump in 2024.

“He was overturned 8-0. It would have been 9-0, but Justice [Antonin] Scalia had passed away.”

Some believe the piling on of indictments will wear down the campaign for Trump, who leads the GOP field with 58% in the most recent numbers. Davis, however, sees the indictments having a reverse effect.

“I think [a fourth indictment is] going to put him back in the White House,” he stated bluntly during the interview.

“I think the Alvin Bragg indictment won Trump the nomination. I think the first Jack Smith indictment put him into contention strongly with Biden. I think the second Jack Smith indictment is going to help Trump win comfortably by, like, maybe two or three percentage points,” he listed.

“… I think the American people, if you look at the polling, see [indictment after indictment] for what it is: this is political warfare to take out Trump because Democrats fear that he’ll beat President Biden or Governor Newsom on November 5, 2024.”

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