A3P Statement on Judge Walker’s Confirmation to DC Circuit

Statement by A3P’s Mike Davis on Judge Justin Walker’s Senate Confirmation to the D.C. Circuit

The Article III Project (A3P) applauds the Senate, under the strong and steady leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), for voting today to elevate Judge Justin Walker — a young, brilliant, conservative federal jurist in Kentucky and McConnell protégé — to the D.C. Circuit, a key federal court that protects all Americans from the federal government’s overreach.

Judge Walker has proven that he’s well qualified and ready for the promotion. He served as the tip of the judicial spear against politicians who were more interested in power grabs than public safety during the current COVID19 outbreak — like Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, who threatened to jail Christians who attended drive-up Easter services but permitted drive-up liquor sales. 

And the rioting, looting, and other violence we’ve seen in our major cities over the last several weeks has proven why we need law-and-order judges who will uphold the rule of law — and not bow to the rule of the mob.

With his everyday-American upbringing, Midwestern sensibilities, impeccable credentials, conservative judicial philosophy, brilliant legal mind, and demonstrated ability to rule without fear or favor, Judge Walker has proven that he will make an excellent addition to the Second Highest Court in the Land.

Judge Justin Walker is President Trump’s 52nd appointment to the critically important federal courts of appeals and his 199th Article III judge — continuing the President’s record-breaking transformation of the federal judiciary.

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