A3P Statement on 8th Circuit Ruling Blocking Biden’s Student Loan Plan

WASHINGTON — Mike Davis, Founder and President of the Article III Project, issued the following statement after the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s decision in blocking President Biden’s student loan plan.

“President Biden overstepped the authority of his office when he announced the forgiving of billions of dollars of unpaid student loans without authorization from Congress. Courts have now repeatedly rejected Biden’s unconstitutional taxpayer-funded college bailout. The courts are correctly finding the executive branch is indeed limited in its scope, even if President Biden and his far left activist allies believe he can act like a king. Wise judges like Bobby Shepherd, Ralph R. Erickson, and L. Steven Grasz understand reality and put an effective check on the federal government. We need more judges with their courage and understanding of the Constitution in our judicial system.”

The Article III Project (A3P) was founded by veteran GOP operative and attorney Mike Davis, who, after helping win the Senate confirmation battles of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, developed the reputation as a “take-no-prisoners conservative eager to challenge the left with hardball tactics,” as reported in The New York Times

A3P defends constitutionalist judges, punches back on radical assaults on judicial independence (like court-packing) and opposes judicial and other nominees who are outside of the mainstream. Davis previously served as Chief Counsel for Nominations to Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary and led the Senate confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and a record number of circuit court judges.