A3P Launches Offensive Against SJC Democrats Highlighting Their History of Childish and Un-Senatorial Behavior

WASHINGTON, DC — The Article III Project (A3P), which promotes and defends President Trump’s judicial nominees and appointed judges, today announced its offensive against the Senate Judiciary Democrats, highlighting their history of childish and un-Senatorial behavior.

As part of this effort, A3P has added new sections to www.amyconeybarrett.co, which catalogues the lowlights of the Senate Judiciary Democrats, both while serving on the Committee and in their pasts. Additionally, A3P will update the website with any new instances of SJC Democrats behaving like spoiled, bigoted children and highlight their antics both nationally and in their home states.

“For the past fifty years, Democrats have debased themselves in Supreme Court confirmation hearings with childish antics, character assassinations, and straight up defamation” said A3P Founder and President Mike Davis. “From Cory Booker’s laughable Spartacus moment, to Mazie Hirono’s cluelessness, and Sheldon Whitehouse’s obsession with drinking games, yearbooks, and flatulence, the Democrats currently on the Senate Judiciary Committee have proven to be ineffective and a complete embarrassment to the Senate and the Supreme Court confirmation process. We look forward to relentlessly highlighting just how pathetic their behavior is, both nationally and in their home states where they think no one is watching their absurdity.”

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To learn more about A3P’s work visit: http://www.Article3Project.com.

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