A3P Endorses Mazie Hirono to Replace Dianne Feinstein as Top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee

WASHINGTON, DC — The Article III Project (A3P), which promotes and defends President Trump’s judicial nominees and appointed judges, today endorsed Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii to replace Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein of California as the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Yesterday, liberal group Demand Justice called for Senator Feinstein to be removed from the post.

“Senator Hirono, the dumbest senator ever to serve in the United States Senate, has been very effective at helping President Trump confirm Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kavanaugh, and a near-record number of lower-court judges,” said A3P Founder and President Mike Davis. “While Ranking Member Feinstein let Judge Barrett slide by without asking her if she is a rapist, Senator Hirono saved the day. Thus, A3P strongly endorses Senator Hirono’s elevation to the top Democrat post on the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

To learn more about A3P’s work visit: http://www.Article3Project.com.

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